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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Brazilian on a Mission - Just Ana

There are many personal stories out there regarding SSRi withdrawal problems, even worse there are many stories where people [patients] have died as a result of taking SSRi type drugs. In the main, it's been left to family members to write blogs, websites and post on forums to warn about the dangers of these drugs. Patient advocates, of which there are many, also become moved by such stories. One such advocate is Ana from the Just Ana blog.

Ana writes out of Brazil and has quite a following, she writes with a passion and shoots from the hip. She also shows great human compassion with her subjects she chooses to write about.

Once such subject is that of the death of Traci Johnson. Traci hanged herself at Eli-Lilly's clinic in Indianapolis on February, 7, 2004.

Ana has been very passionate about this particular case, so passionate that she uses the photo [avatar] of Traci on her blog.

Ana has now decided to mark the day of Traci's death and is calling for February 7th to be International Day in Memory of SSRI Fatalities.

Ana writes:

SSRI fatalities are those who have died violently due to homicide of suicide induced by SSRIs and now there are newborns that suffer heart malformations or any other teratogenic disturbance.

I would also like to remember people that have their quality of life changed because of the use of SSRI as a teenager.

Those who are not aware of these facts may be asking themselves why is it happening or even if it is true that a drug who has killed during clinical trial can be at the market.

You just got your answer: "market". We are talking about money and as one of my friends I have contacted said:

This is in memory of Traci Johnson and countless others victims of fraud, buried data, and corporate crime all in the name of profit.

My book, shortly to be published, also highlights the deaths of three women and, I believe, that it is only through bringing about awareness of deaths, defects and suffering that we can put pressure on the decision makers such as the MHRA and FDA.

Bang the drum loudly enough and they will have to sit up and listen.

Ana is banging that drum.

This blog salutes her. You should too.


To read more about the International Day in Memory of SSRI Fatalities, please visit the Just Ana blog and offer your support.


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