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Saturday, January 02, 2010

"Sock Puppets" kick off the new year with harassment campaign


It would appear that my two obsessive cyberstalkers have started 2010 as they ended 2009... by following me around the Internet, leaving, what can only be deemed as, obsessive messages.

On the 29th of December I uploaded the first four chapters of my book, 'The Evidence, However, Is Clear' to the Harper Collins website, Authonomy.

The book basically highlights that all is not what it seems with the UK regulatory system and also points out that Seroxat manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, has a somewhat tainted history with regard to Seroxat and the suppression of its clinical trial data.

A day after I published the first four chapters online, comments were being left by many of the members of Authonomy... then, predictably, two usernames appeared to basically throw yet more mud.

Doug Bremner, author of the blog, 'Before You Take That Pill' and the book, 'The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg', recently started a thread on the Authonomy forums, he gave the post the title, Constructive criticism or drug shilling? where he wrote:

"Bobby Fiddaman posted his nonfiction book about medication safety and drug regulation in the UK, which is a compilation of postings from his blog on the same topic, and it looks like some of his online critics followed him here to argue with him in his comments section. They say "here at HC" which implies that they work for HC? And is this really "constructive criticism" or just drug company shilling?"

The thread has sparked quite an interest amongst members of the Authonomy community, which has resulted in more people wishing to read the first four chapters of my book [Thanks Doug :-)]

'The Evidence, However, Is Clear' currently at Number 4 in the weekly non-fiction charts.

Nothing really surprises me any more with these two sad individuals, in fact the sad thing about this is that one of them spent the best part of New Years Eve making comments with regard to me and not my book. One would have thought that he would have had better things to do on the one night of the year where most 'normal people' party!

Personally, I believe these two obsessed individuals wish to muddy my name because of chapter 12 of my book, the chapter has not been uploaded but it reveals the names and past history of them, a history which reveals lies, bullying and online impersonation of Catholic priests, not to mention weird sexual messages left to members of the same sex... "Would you like to be my altar boy?", is one instance of my stalker proposing to a member of an online Irish buy and sell forum!

Chapter 12 won't be uploaded to Authonomy, I only uploaded the first four chapters to get feedback, which, apart from the comments left by Mr & Mrs Obsessive, has been pretty good.

The sock puppets, a term coined by Doug Bremner, continue to post, the only book on Authonomy they 'criticize' is 'The Evidence, However, Is Clear.'

Never has a title for a book been more apt for these two obsessed individuals, whom some say, are whoring themselves out to GlaxoSmithKline because they both want the current Seroxat litigation in the UK to fail.

Stalker number one continues to post around the Internet as 'Bob Fiddaman' whilst stalker number two, who goes by the name of 'Tuesday1st' continues to repeat herself into a frenzy without actually leaving her name or credentials. It's recently been suggested on Authonomy that she may be a lawyer - working for whom, I wonder?

The thread can be viewed HERE

The first four chapters of my book can be read HERE

Mr and Mrs Obsessive have left comments for your perusal.

You can read more about their harassment campaign HERE



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