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Friday, April 30, 2010

Glaxo's Lawyers and Jeremy Bryce

Well it would appear that Addleshaw Goddard, GlaxoSmithKline's lawyers, and my online cyberstalker, Jeremy Bryce from Ballyhornan, Northern Ireland, have nothing better to do with there time other than visit this blog.

Bryce [59] apparently wrote to Addleshaw Goddard, and wanted everyone to know that he did with his post from the Yahoo forum, UK Survivors.

He wrote:

Mon Jul 13, 2009

Further common gossip direct from the desk of the UK Seroxat Solicitor ?

Tomorrow I'll send a letter to David Engel, Partner Addleshaw Goddard, Solicitors for GSK & a copy to Mark Harvey, Partner Hugh James, Solicitors for the Seroxat User Group.

A further copy will be sent to the Law Society.

Naturally as list owner of SSRI Crusaders causes me considerable distress to be considered as an ally of any pharmacutical company engaged in the manufacture of psychiatric medication.

As you will see my web statistics - Addleshaw Goddard seem to be moving around my blog after coming from Jeremy Bryce's fake blog, where he uses the exact same title 'SEROXAT SUFFERERS STAND UP AND BE COUNTED' - he has made a slight change to the url.

Coincidental that the sockpuppet from Ballyhornan should arrive on exactly the same link on my blog three minutes later?

30th April 2010 10:08:39
Page View

Furthermore, the disclaimer blog I have created to counteract the delusional rants of Jeremy John Mitchell Bryce has also been a place for Glaxo's lawyers to hangout.

The blog, JEREMY BRYCE OF BALLYHORNAN, [now removed] has received multiple hits from Addleshaw Goddard, all spread over a number of days.

More about Jeremy Bryce HERE. You will note how he targets the parents of children who have suicided as a result of taking SSRi medication.

It would appear that GlaxoSmithKline are paying for the services of a law team who, it appears, have nothing better to do than sit around all day focussing their attention on me.

I feel honoured. This is the second time they have taken an interest in my online activities [1]

See you all in court.

Addleshaw, it appears, keep 'nice' company - More about cyberbully Jeremy Bryce HERE


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