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Thursday, April 29, 2010

MHRA SAFETY UPDATE - To be filed in the "No Shit Sherlock" Drawer.

Open rant to the MHRA.

Drug Safety Update: Volume 3, Issue 8, March 2010 [PDF]

So, both Prozac and Seroxat are teratogen's then?

Honestly, I'm kinda bemused by the fence sitting mob from South London.

If both are teratogen's, then do the right thing.

Of course, a court case involving Liam Kilker would have had nothing to do with this latest announcement from the MHRA, would it?

I'm of the opinion that those responsible for protecting the public against shit drugs, really only spring into action when their paymasters, pharma, lose a case.

Whatever next? Maybe an announcement that Seroxat is addictive?

I guess they will have to wait for some sort of trial against GlaxoSmithKline that proves Seroxat is addictive before they spring into action though.

Further evidence that the MHRA listen to patients... but don't really do anything to help them.

I'm still waiting for a change in the BNF, Mr. Woods. I'm guessing we will have to wait for the outcome of the pending Seroxat litigation in the UK before you start chasing the BNF up though. Am I right?

When I think of the time I wasted with the MHRA. You do nothing but appease patient support groups and advocates - you muffle the drums.

I mean, let's face it, the only reason we have a 'drugs regulator' is down to the fact that patients needed some form of protection in the wake of the thalidomide disaster!

That was a teratogen as well.

Oh, and while we are on this subject of human suffering, perhaps hauling those responsible over the coals for hiding this fact may be wise?

Then again, if your four year investigation into GlaxoSmithKline is anything to go by then the public money would be better spent by setting up an impartial regulator that does not have it's tongue down the trousers of the industry!

Chapter Eighteen: “Is Seroxat A Teratogen? Goodbye MHRA”, in my book, 'The Evidence, However, Is Clear…The Seroxat Scandal', is my case in point of the limp-wristedness of the South London fence-sitters.

I'm thinking of issuing free vomit bags when the paperback is launched later this year!

Don't even think about contacting me - I washed my hands of your stench sometime ago.



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