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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Under Cover Terrorists

There's so much hatred doing the rounds lately - I guess it takes an act of violence on children, innocent children, to get people riled.

And rightly so.

Terrorist Salman Abedi, who carried out the abhorrent act in Manchester two nights ago has been condemned by many. He walked into a foyer knowing what he was about to do, he did so because, it is believed, he had taken the written word from an ancient scripture literally. He probably believes that his actions will be rewarded by some fairy in the sky. "Here you go, Salman, here's some virgins for you, great job."

Many people, including friends and family, hang their hat on the mythical, Let's face it, there's no concrete evidence that God, any God, exists, yet we see throughout history how many atrocities have been carried out in the name of God.

Personally, I'm an atheist. As such, I avoid being manipulated by indoctrination of fairy tales. Not having a God in my life suits me just fine.

The world I move in has seen many child killers, but the public apathy suggests it's okay to kill children and, indeed, adults, if the perpetrators are multi-billion dollar industries.

During the past two days Facebook has seen people voice their shock and horror over the Manchester atrocity. Folks who normally post photos of what they are about to eat or weather updates have been so shocked and moved that they have voiced their opinions and condemned the actions. The Manchester atrocity was enough to get people enraged.

What if I told you that back in 2012, a white coach driver by the name of Geert Michiels carried out an act or terrorism? What if I told you he had no affiliation to any terrorist cell? Michiels deliberately drove his coach into a tunnel wall killing 28 passengers, 22 of whom were children. Would you still be inclined to vent your outrage on Facebook or any other social network?

Geert Michiels, 34, didn't have a weapon of destruction strapped around his body, but he was driving one.

But hey, he had no motive, no indoctrination, no manipulation of the mind... or so we are led to believe.

What if indoctrination came in the shape of a pill, what if that pill changed your outlook on life, on society as a whole? Wouldn't such a pill be snapped up by terrorist organizations such as those responsible for the events in Manchester? If one can manipulate the mind of a 22 year-old by preaching quotes from an ancient book then such a gift as one simple pill could speed up the process of manipulating someone who was once normal into a mass killer.

A full investigation into the coach crash was carried out by Swiss Chief Prosecutor Olivier Elsig, the results of which were inconclusive. He ruled out the involvement of a third party, shortcomings in the road surface or the tunnel infrastructure. Excessive speed, alcohol or technical problems with the vehicle were also ruled out. He, at no point, could determine whether or not Geert Michiels carried out an act of homicide/suicide with the vehicle.

From the investigation, and subsequent independent investigations, it was learned that Michiels was taking or withdrawing from Seroxat at the time of the crash. Seroxat is better known as Paxil in the US and Canada and Aropax in Australia.

It's become widely known that Seroxat can cause suicidal thinking in some people who take it, it has also been proven, in US Courts, that Seroxat was responsible for, not only suicide but homicide too.

Seroxat, by the manufacturers own admission, can cause a symptom called akathisia, in a nutshell, akathisia is a disorder, induced by SSRI medications, which can cause a person to experience such intense inner restlessness that the sufferer is driven to violence and/or suicide.

Seroxat was Geert Michiels 'bomb'. The drug caused adverse reactions that triggered a series of events in his brain. It was his indoctrination by proxy that eradicated his normal empathy and induced atypical thoughts of killing his passengers and himself. This became his mission in a split second. We know from the recent Dolin Vs. GSK trial that akathisia can be switched on and off in a second. We also know that for persons experiencing akathisia death can be a welcome result. This statement was made by Dr. Roger Lane who, in a 1998 article on akathisia, said, "It may be less of a question of patients experiencing fluoxetine-induced suicidal ideation than patients feeling that 'death is a welcome result' when the acutely discomforting symptoms of akathisia are experienced on top of already distressing disorders." - At the time, Roger Lane was working for pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer.

Pfizer make Zoloft, an akathisia-inducing drug.

Yet we see no world-wide condemnation of pharmaceutical companies or indeed those who are supposed to regulate the drugs you and I take.

22 people died in Manchester. - Salman Abedi's mind has been manipulated by indoctrination.
28 people died in Sierre. - Geert Michiels' mind had been manipulated by Seroxat.

I anticipate that Facebook posters won't be spreading the Sierre story far and wide.

Bob Fiddaman

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