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Monday, June 14, 2010

GlaxoSmithKline's Filipino Dreams

'Dream Builders' promotional poster.

Oh the irony of it all.

It would appear that GlaxoSmithKline are saying 'NO' to crumpled dreams by supporting a group of mothers aiming to give the best preventive health care for every Filipino child.

The blurb from the promotional campaign reads:

Parents often ponder on the future of their children, perhaps while watching as they sleep, as they tie their first shoes, or simply as they look in their eyes. Ensuring a bright future for their children is what gave birth to The Dream Builders—a group of mothers who aims to give the best preventive health care for every Filipino. Together with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), the Dream Builders strives to fight the primary cause of death among Filipino children - Pneumococcal Diseases (PDs). Launching their campaign No to Crumpled Dreams they will be taking steps in spreading importance of prevention rather than treatment.

“The launch of our advocacy No to Crumpled Dreams is our way of celebrating with the World Meningitis Day held every year on April 25,” shares Dr. Jing R. Pagcatipunan, Medical Affairs Manager for Vaccines of GSK. “These diseases are very common in children less than 2 years of age and may impair a child’s growth and development. We want to help them out by means of promoting prevention.”

Ironic isn't it, considering the tainted history of GlaxoSmithKline when it comes to protecting children.

One only needs to look at the Paxil study in children - the data that Glaxo kept from, not only the regulators of medicines around the world, but doctor's and patients too. [Paxil 329]

Or one could look at the recent birth defects trial in which GlaxoSmithKline's Paxil was found by a majority of 10 -2 to be the cause for a child being born with serious heart defects. A jury found that Glaxo failed to properly warn doctors and pregnant users of Paxil’s risk. The panel awarded $2.5 million in compensatory damages to the family of Lyam Kilker. The 3-year-old was born with heart defects his mother blamed on the drug. [Court Transcripts]

Even more peculiar would be the current Paxil trials in children underway in Japan. Where Glaxo have recruited children from the ages of 7 to 17 to try to prove that it is safe an effective for children of this age group. I have previously wrote to GlaxoSmithKline regarding this study - they have not replied.

More irony from The Observer, a British newspaper, in 2004 where Glaxo was accused of using orphans and babies as lab rats.

According to documents obtained by The Observer, Glaxo has sponsored at least four medical trials since 1995 using Hispanic and black children at Incarnation. The documents give details of all clinical trials in the US and reveal the experiments sponsored by Glaxo were designed to test the 'safety and tolerance' of Aids medications, some of which have potentially dangerous side effects. Glaxo manufactures a number of drugs designed to treat HIV, including AZT.

And now they are backing the "No to Crumpled Dreams" campaign. The campaign is also supported by 5 famous Filipino painters, namely, Jao Mapa, Araceli Limcaco-Dans, Evangeline Pascual, Maria Isabel Lopez and Benjamin Cabrera.

"We want to help them out by means of promoting prevention.” - Dr. Jing R. Pagcatipunan, Medical Affairs Manager for Vaccines of GSK.

I'm guessing that GSK may just have that 'prevention', right?

Just like they had a 'prevention' for depressed children!

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