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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

'Peter Meter' Youth Program Halted

Insert penis here! Image:

Sounds quite innocent doesn't it? Until you learn that 'Peter' is a euphemism for the word 'Penis' and the meter is a device in which young boys placed their 'Peter's' as part of a program run at the Youth Forensic Psychiatric Services in Burnaby, British Columbia.

Andrea James, a Los Angeles-based writer, writes about this extensively HERE

Nothing surprises me any more with regard to the games certain elements of psychiatry plays with their guinea pig subjects.

The program, writes Andrea James, was where troubled youths had a device placed on their penises while they were subjected to media depicting stuff like rape and child pornography.

One can only surmise at the thinking behind such a program. Did the 'inventor' suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and think, "I know, let's start sticking some young boy's penises into a machine, show them child pornography and rape and see if they get aroused"?

One has to question the motives behind such a test. Maybe the psychiatrists involved had lurid thoughts over child porn and rape and wanted to see if it was normal to do so, or maybe they were just bored with the goings-on at Youth Forensic Psychiatric Services in Burnaby, British Columbia so decided to spice things up with a game of Dick Charades with a group of young boys?

A game of Monopoly or Cluedo may have sufficed.

Andrea James delves deeper in her article and shows how a program in the mid-20th century, nicknamed the "fruit machine," led to over 9,000 Canadian citizens being investigated as suspected homosexuals!

Wikipedia writes of the "fruit machine":

"Fruit machine" is a jocular term for a device developed in Canada that was supposed to be able to identify homosexual people, or "fruits". The subjects were made to view pornography, and the device measured the diameter of the pupils of the eyes (pupillary response test), perspiration, and pulse for a supposed erotic response.

The fruit machine was employed in Canada in the 1950s and 1960s during a campaign to eliminate all homosexuals from the civil service, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), and the military. A substantial number of workers did lose their jobs. Although funding for the "fruit machine" project was cut off in the late 1960s, the investigations continued, and the RCMP collected files on over 9,000 suspected homosexuals.

The chair was like one from a dentist's office. It had a pulley with a camera going towards the pupils. There was a black box in front of it that showed pictures. The pictures ranged from the mundane to sexually explicit photos of men and women. It had previously been determined that the pupils would dilate in relation to the amount of interest in the picture. This was called the pupillary response test.

Andrea James' article is a must read and could be suggested that it is evidence that certain factions of psychiatry have some serious issues with themselves and use programs such as the 'Peter Meter' to amuse nobody but themselves.

Later this year, former 'resident' of the Oak Ridge facility in Penetanguishene, Steve Smith, takes on another barbaric form of psychiatry in a lawsuit.

Smith was part of the Capsule Program and was allegedly bombarded with a series of drugs intended to break his resistance and to bring out so-called "hidden psychosis."

You can read more about Steve Smith's experience HERE

Questions were also raised once again last year when 22 year old Kulmiye Aganeh died at Penetanguishene Mental Health Centre. There was an apparent altercation involving Kulmiye and several staff members, ultimately ending with the physically healthy man, already in waist-to-wrist restraints, being given an injection. Minutes later, his body lay motionless on the floor.



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