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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another Isolated Seroxat Incident?

Man claims devil made him strike friend with metal bar

SOUTH BEND. Ind. (AP) - A man charged with striking another man in the head with a metal bar reportedly told police the devil made him do it.

According to a police report, 37-year-old Leo Wantuch III of Mishawaka told authorities the devil began controlling him after he started taking an antidepressant drug about six years ago.

Wantuch was charged yesterday with battery with a deadly weapon and released from jail on $2,000 bond pending a court hearing April 14th.

He is accused of striking 39-year-old Jeffery Slabaugh, a longtime friend of his.

Wantuch reportedly told police he wanted to draw attention to the effects of the antidepressant, Paxil. A telephone message seeking comment was left with GlaxoSmithKline, the maker of Paxil. There was no answer last night at a Mishawaka telephone number listed for Wantuch.

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Hat tip to the Truthman for sending me this story.

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