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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Man crazed by drink and Seroxat cocktail

Thanks to The Truthman for sending me this link.

Source: Oswestry Advertizer

A MAN who took anti-depressant tablets and then drank alcohol later proclaimed himself the Son of God in an Oswestry kebab shop.

Simon John Grover then announced he was on a mission to kill all Muslims as he was led outside the Leg Street premises just after 5.30pm last November 5, even though he later assured police that the owners of the Star Kebab Shop were his friends.

Grover, 43, admitted religiously aggravated behaviour when he appeared before Oswestry magistrates last week.

The court was told that people were looking very concerned when Grover was raging fairly incoherently outside the shop.

When he was put in a police car Grover had to be stopped from strangling himself with the rear seat belt.

In interview he later told police he had taken two anti-depressants and two pints of lager and the combination had 'made him go crazy.'

The people in the kebab shop had not wanted to make a complaint because Grover was a good customer but the incident had concerned passers-by.

Mr Paul Nicholas said that the Seroxat tablets kept Grover's depression under control but should not be mixed with alcohol.

He had already apologised to the kebab shop owners and did so again in court. He had been back to the shop as a customer on a number of occasions without any problems.

Grover was in breach of a two-year conditional discharge imposed for a social security benefit offence.

Mr Nicholas said that Grover had now changed his anti-depressant prescription.

Magistrates took no action on the breach of the conditional discharge and fined him £150 for the new offence and ordered him to pay £34 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

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