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Thursday, March 27, 2008

More from Paxil/Seroxat Online database

Here are more comments about Seroxat.

Taken from the online patient database -


Felt like nerve endings in anus and head were contracting for the first month, awful numbness in head, lifted my spirits but overall this drug is poison. Male 32

Only a mere 5mg/day. First 2 days: slight headache, feeling hazy and increased libido actually. 3rd day: severe depression, loss of concentration, anger, deep sadness, even suicidal thoughts weren't far. Stopped it at once(our best doc. remains ourselves) and fortunately I was(almost) back to normal the next day just some very little dizyness. Male 27

I have currenty been on this drug for over eight years and have decided that I have have had enough of sleeping for 13 hrs a day or more. When I started coming off this medicine I have been so sick. I have constant diarrhea, nausea and irritabiliy. I have this buzzing in my head. I can't stand to hear loud noises and excessive talking it drives me nuts. Female 36

Weight gain mainly, HORRIBLE withdrawl Male 51

Yawn tremors, vision difficulties, confusion, zombie-like, NO SEX DRIVE AT ALL. Female 26

No libido, constipation, weight gain, electrical zaps and swooshy sounds, suicidal ideation, rages, increased depression, agitation, the list goes on..... Male 31

Basically all side effects that are known. worse though, i got the tolerance/poop-out syndrome after a couple of years so i started withdrawing during use. withdrawal is the worst part of this poison! Male 31

COMPLETE LOSS IN SEX DRIVE! some weight gain at first, decreased effectiveness overtime, crazy dreams and night sweats, always sleepy (could sleep for 10 or more hours at a time!) Female 23

Tremors (all over body shakes, like really really bad case of the coffee jitters), insomnia--my brain was WIDE awake at 2 am--hot and cold flashes, I went from freezing cold to burning up in a matter of a minute, and when the hot flashes came, my skin felt as if it were being burned, it acted as a diuretic, made me have to go to the bathroom every ten minutes, and it made me really really nauseous. Female 35

Caused hands to tremble, perspiration/heat intolerance, brain fog, fatigue, insomnia Male 23

Excessive yawning, Dilated pupils, didnt care about things that used to bother me, I stopped obsessing over everything. The side effect that bothered me the most, was the sexual side effects. The desire was gone, completely, and inability to have an orgasm. It was horrible to not be able to have an orgasm! That was when I realized that i needed to stop taking Paxil. Female 26

Rapid weight gain, dizziness, memory loss, rapid heartbeat, loss of concentration, vertigo, nausea, decreased libido, ringing in ears, drymouth, difficulty sleeping, bad nightmares, spontaneous crying episodes Female 34

Turned into a zombie. Extremely sleepy during the day, can't fall asleep at night. Tried getting off it and experienced immense anger at everything. Short blackouts and "electric shocks" with accompanying flashes of light. Hot flushes (I'm male). Shaking, increased perspiration. Male 47

"The benefits of Seroxat far outweight the risks" - MHRA, DoH, GSK

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