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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

MHRA Herbal Priority

Well the MHRA seem to be getting their priorities in order by 'warning the public to be vigilant' over bad and dangerous practices across parts of the unlicensed herbal sector.

The MHRA found reports of suspected adverse drug reactions (Wow, you mean they actually listen to patients?)

You can read more here

But I would like to point out their case studies:

Two suspected adverse drug reactions reports have been received in association with in a multi-constituent Ayurvedic remedy. Yes TWO adverse drug reactions.

A man collapsed after consuming a product called Tian Li, which claimed to give sexual enhancement. Whilst no permanent ill health was suffered by the consumer, the result of our analysis showed the presence of hydroxyhomosildenafil at a level of 39.6mg per capsule and tadalafil at 14.4mg per capsule. Yes ONE man collapsed.

A woman who purchased a slimming product called Li Da Dai. She used this product for three days and felt a bit weak and vomited. It gets better doesn't it. ONE woman vomited.

I've saved the best til last...

The Agency recently received a complaint from a clinician who has expressed concern that an Ayurvedic practitioner had advised a patient not to take his medicine for schizophrenia and instead go to India for other treatments. Thus putting Pharma out of pocket no doubt?

Now, have the MHRA received more than one report of anyone vomiting on Seroxat?

Has any patient ever filled in a yellow card and told them about electrifying zaps jolting through their body whilst withdrawing from Seroxat? Hey don't worry, they are on the case, ONE man collapsed whilst taking a product called Tian Li so I'm sure they will get around to the reports of electric zaps soon enough.

TWO suspected adverse drug reactions to an Ayurvedic remedy. Phew! not one but TWO!

Of course they have never had any reports of adverse drug reactions from patients taking Seroxat have they?

Who are going to lose out if Herbal Remedies become popular?


Need I say anymore


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