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Friday, March 07, 2008

Alistair Benbow GSK Please Shut Up!

Well, the explosives of yesterday seemed to have settled somewhat. Normality for those of us who have not lost children to Seroxat but more heartache and frustration for those parents who were looking toward the MHRA for some form of justice. Justice has most definately NOT prevailed with the slap on the wrists for JP Garnier and GlaxoSmithKline.

What now for those parents who lost their children? What now for the young adults who went through a whole range of adverse efects whilst on Seroxat in their teens?

There has not even been an apology.

Alistair Benbow made a statement that did not contain the word 'Sorry'

Kent Woods made a statement that did not contain the word 'Sorry'

In fact although the MHRA had found that GlaxoSmithKline did not offer up results as quick as they should have, Benbow was still in denial.

Can't the MHRA get this man to shut his trap once and for all?

Is he aware that there were a lot of bereaved folks out there counting on the MHRA to give them a sense of justice. The fact that the MHRA failed should not warrant the smug Benbow spouting “The safe use of our medicines is paramount to everyone who works for GSK and the company is committed to ensuring that all appropriate information is made available to regulators, doctors and patients."

Do you know how that must feel to a parent whose child took their own life because the pill that was supposed to make them better infact made them worse, to such a degree that the chemicals inside that drug made them kill themselves!

Show some human compassion Mr Benbow. You even had to throw the word in 'appropriate' didn't you. Yes we know all about the 'appropriate' information - but who or whom was it appropriate for? It certainly wasn't appropriate for the off-label prescribing to children was it?

You were found guilty Benbow - now deal with it!

Instead of defending your company why don't you offer an apology. In the history of GSK has there EVER been an apology?

Show some compassion and empathy Mr Benbow. People are still grieving so would you please keep your mouth shut... unless you want to publically apologise - which I doubt very much.

We all saw your performance on BBC TV's Panorama.

Remember your interview with Shelley Jofre?

Jofre: And you still think that the drug (Seroxat) could be safe for children?
Benbow: Absolutely, it could be, we haven't got a licence in children yet...

That was April 2003 Dr Benbow (I use the term 'Dr' loosely)

What were you playing at?

For those of you new to this blog you can see segments of the interview HERE

The 'Absolutely, it could be' line kicks in around the 20 second mark.

Now Mr Alisatiar Benbow I think it is 'appropriate' that you either offer an apology or just keep your smug mouth shut!

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