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Friday, March 14, 2008

MP 'John Lewis List' v Fid List

For explaination of John Lewis List - GO HERE

Air conditioning unit: £299.99/Leave Window Open FREE
Bed: £1,000/£200
Bedside cabinet: £100/£15 Charity Shop
Book case/shelf: £200/Don't have one
Bookcase/cabinet: £500/FREE off my sister
Carpet: £35 per square metre/£400 2 rooms + fitting
Carpet fitting: £6.50 per square metre/see above
Coffee maker/machine: £100/FREE, I make my own coffee
Coffee table: £250/No room in flat for a table
Dining armchairs: £150 each/No room in flat for dining room chairs
Dining chairs: £90 each/Eat dinner on my lap
Dining table: £600/No room in flat for table
Dishwasher: £375/Wash dishes myself, it keeps my feet firmly on the ground.
Drawer chest (5): £500/£25 from charity shop
Dressing table: £500/Don't own one
Food mixer: £200/My stomach mixes the contents of any food I eat
Free-standing mirror: £300/I own a small shaving mirror - £1.00
Fridge/freezer: £550/£99
Gas cooker: £650/Have electric cooker - £120
Hi-fi/stereo: £750/£199
Installation of new bathroom: £6,335/Council Property, Est Cost £300
Installation of new kitchen: £10,000/What?
Lamp table: £200/A lamp has a special table?
Nest of tables: £200/How many tables does one person need?
Recordable DVD player: £270/£35 Yamada (Cheap but it does the job)
Rugs: £300/Don't own any
Shredder: £50/An MP with a shredder? Thought they had laptops that went missing?
Sideboard: £795/Kinell! How big is this second home of theirs?
Suite of furniture: £2,000/ FREE, Had my sisters old one
Television set: £750/£120
Tumble dryer: £250/I use Fresh air
Underlay (basic): £6.99 per square metre/Came FREE with fitting
Wardrobe: £700/£25 from charity shop
Washer-dryer: £500/Washer dryer and a tumble dryer too? My machine cost £250
Washing machine: £350/What in the name of Bo Diddley!
Wooden flooring/carpets: £35 per square metre/Huh?
Workstation: £150/£40

Am I happy?

Yes, I don't have to take Seroxat anymore and I have never forgotten my roots.

MP's on the other hand...

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By Bob Fiddaman

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