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Sunday, March 16, 2008


1. Senator who ask GSK for the missing 9 pages
4. Author of Seroxat Sufferers Blog
6. GSK's shit yourself thin diet pill
7. Minister who can get in a state when asked what the benefit of Seroxat is
9. Shelley, Scots investigator that will bite your ankles
13. Rob, the fomer Paxil activist from the States
14. Martin, Ghostwriter extrordanaire
16. Sir Alasdair ? Stuttering Imbecile when interviewed by Shelley Jofre
18. Former GSK employee, now Head of Licensing at the MHRA
22. Charles, the thorn in the side of the MHRA
23. CEO of the less than transparent UK regulator
25. Janice, Web author of the Seroxat & SSRi User Group
26. Gisela, the Brummie MP who signs EDM's for more televised cricket but not EDM's that question the safety of Seroxat

1. Company who never admit liabilty yet settle out of court
2. Derek, Co creator of the Seroxat Support Group
3. Colour of the MHRA's flawed card system
5. Seroxat down under
7. Paxil --------, forum set up by patients to help patients
8. Diabetes drug infamously known for causing heart attacks
10. It's wet for June at the MHRA
11. It's quite an experience for Matthew
12. Sugar pill effective for depression but no side effects
15. Former SKB Drug known to cause spinal damage
16. Son of Pinocchio
17. JP - French Bully
19. Seroxat in America
20. Mind altering antidepressant that can cause suicide and suicide ideation
21. Widely reported side effect during Seroxat withdrawal
24. President of GSK US and Trustee for The Childrens Health Fund

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