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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Paxil/Seroxat - Patient Database

This one goes out to Kent Woods, CEO of the MHRA.

It also goes out to MHRA Chairman, Alasdair Breckenridge, whom beleives the Seroxat scandal is 'rubbish'

Defective drug or patients being delusional?

Here are some of the comments left by patients prescribed Paxil/Seroxat.

Take note of the differing age groups.

Remember the MHRA and GlaxoSmithKline say that Paxil/Seroxat is fine to take if you are 25 years of age or over.

Info taken from

Weight gain, hunger, vivid dreams - Female 25

This is the worst medication to try and get off of. I felt terrible for days, depersonalisation, brain zaps, tingling, flu-like symptoms. - Female 36

electric "jolts" feeling in head, weight loss, anger - Female 35

Drowsiness, numbing of clitoris, difficult reaching orgasm - Female 48

Sleepy, no sex drive, emotionless. Cannot seem to get off of it, I have tried many times, end up getting sick. Has helped with the panic and anxiety though, which I had dealt with all of my life. Started taking it after experiencing a terrible tragedy, then noticed that it helped in other ways. Having done it again, I think that I would have asked for something less addicting. - Male 47

want to sleep all the time, sleeping 12+ hours, zombie like, out of it, nearly crashed my car a few times, mini-amnesia like episodes for a few seconds or minute when i come to i'm about to hit a car or something, dont feel like doing anything but veggin' out. Also from the first day had an on-set of wanting to eat all the time especially sweets and junk food... i normally have little interest in sweets... at this rate i'll become overweight in a couple of months - Female 33

Insomnia, Chattering teeth, feeling giddy, unable to concentrate, unable to sit still, floating feel when I walk, dilated pupils, cloudy thinking and the list goes on - Female 23

Paxil gave me a permanent neurological disorder - Female 37

For the first few weeks I had extreme fatigue (falling asleep at my desk, feeling very out of it, etc.) At 20 mg, the only side-effects I have now are mild fatigue (I'm okay if I'm at work or doing something, but if I'm at home I want to take naps frequently), and if I miss 2-3 doses I experience mild brain shocks and wooshy dizziness which disappear immediately after taking my next dose. Female 40

20 lb. weight gain, a little apathetic at times, sleepiness, bad withdrawal MUST taper down via liquid Paxil - Female 27

total zombie, vivid dreams to the extent that I could not differentiate between real and dream when i woke up, almost zero sex drive, total inability to orgasm, very frustrating, should not be sold, snake oil. Male 33

"EYE JERKS". Feels like electric zaps quickly pulling my eyes from side to side. I've just been weaned off the drug, and the eye jerks are much worse, though I had them while taking drug. - Female 59

Yawning, jaw chatters, dizziness, nausea, some brain zaps & vision disturbance. - Female 29

cloudy thinking, extreme fatigue, suicidal ideation, emotional numbness to everything, loss of interest and creativity, extreme depression, dizziness, vertigo, space-outs,...DO NOT MIX WITH ALCOHOL!!! - Male 25

sexual side effects including complete inability to orgasm, withdrawal symptoms are MISERABLE - Female 27

Chattering teeth & delayed orgasm. Male 39

There are over 500 comments on the page. Some are good but most are bad, in fact I'd hazzard a guess at 90% being bad.

Remember folks, the MHRA and GlaxoSmithKline tells us 'The benefits far outweigh the risks'

This patient information database suggests otherwise

Guess it's just a case of patients being delusional then huh?


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