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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


On the Seroxat Patient Information Leaflet for it is stipulated no less than 30 times 'Talk to your doctor'.

I'd like to talk to GlaxoSmithKline's doctor, Dr. Alistair Benbow.

Dear Dr. Benbow,

Do you have a tapering program regarding withdrawal of Seroxat? I ask, because the only advice given on the current Seroxat Patient Information Leaflet is that one must taper 'slowly'. How slowly? I would assume that breaking a 10mg Seroxat tablet in half is the recommendation, unless GSK want patients to slice it with a razor blade?

You see Ali, may I call you Ali? It's all well and good telling patients that they have to taper slowly but some guidance would be nice. When a driver approaches a school he is warned by signs to go slow, these signs tell the driver the speed limit. How slow should a patient taper off Seroxat Ali?

It seems your employers are advising patients to seek advice from a professional body that have no experience in SSRi withdrawal. I find this rather strange Ali therefore I am asking you, I take it you must have years of experience in the tapering of Seroxat?

So, do you recommend that a patient break a 10mg tablet in half and decrease their dosage by 5mg or is this too much of a drop Ali?

I know of the Seroxat liquid... thing is Ali, there are still many doctors who do not know of its existence. So, how slowly should a patient taper off using the liquid? How long should it take them Ali? Would 18 months be a kind of ball park figure?

As you are probably aware, I have been Seroxat free for almost three years Ali. Seeing as you are the spokesperson for GSK for all things related to Seroxat, I think you are in a position to advise patients how to taper properly. Whether or not they wish to believe you is their choice but it would be nice if you offered them your wisdom.

As I understand, I am not allowed to talk directly with anyone from GSK, apparently it would be unethical, at least that's how I read it when your employers lawyers wrote to my lawyers.

Perhaps a statement from yourself or your employers regarding tapering would be suitable not only for patients but for doctors too?

So Ali, How slowly must one taper off Seroxat?

Warm regards

Bob Fiddaman

Seroxat Sufferers



For campaigners who have issues with other SSRi's, may I suggest you write to the manufacturer concerned and ask them what advice other than 'taper slowly' they can give you.


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