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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Your Daughter... Merck's Lab Rat

In the main I try to stay focused on GlaxoSmithKline and Seroxat on this blog after all I blame Seroxat and its manufacturers for the countless human suffering they have caused.

I'd like to switch my attention to Merck, another pharmaceutical company who, it seems, like to earn billions of dollars/pounds at the expense of children.

Like Glaxo, Merck have been given the contract to vaccinate girls in the US and Canada with Gardasil, Glaxo have 'won' that contract here in the UK to treat girls with Cervarix. I'll be writing about Cervarix in another post.

Okay, it's a given that we all have a choice to decide what drugs our children should and should not be given but with millions of dollars/pounds ploughed into advertisements to persuade us all that these drugs are safe, what chance do we have as parents?

Advocates know slightly better than to take the word of Pharma but the masses don't. It's left to bloggers, freelance journo's et al to raise awareness... yet gain!

Once again, it seems, famous faces have been touting Merck's Gardasil on US TV shows. One such person is Dr. Lisa Masterson, a kind of Hollywood doc who appears on US TV Shows. One recent show she appeared on was MyFox, I believe it's a sister channel of Fox 11 in America though I could be mistaken. Here she answered several questions about Gardasil.

Lisa Masterson: "We're talking about our kids, and that's packed with a lot of emotion and these reactions [Gardasil] go from nausea to paralysis. The thing is, we don't have a strict causal effect, we don't know if the vaccine has actually caused these problems, we have to feel for these people 'cos it's these people's children and you just never know and you go and you take your baby for a vaccine you are trying to do something good for your child also good for the community even on the news this morning we saw about the outbreak of measles, so you know that there is a benefit, this has the potential to cure cancer in women, cervical cancer..."

Wait a minute, Gardasil has the potential to cure cervical cancer? Is that what Merck say? If so, this vaccine could be the find of the century, no, the find of the last 1000 years! Is Dr. Lisa Masterson correct? Does the Gardasil vaccine actually have the potential to cure cervical cancer? Is there a difference in the words 'prevention' and 'cure'? Masterson seems to think so.

The Food and Drug Administration [FDA] and the Centers for Disease Control [CDC] reviewed side effect reports, they found 94% of side effects reported after vaccination were not serious. There were also 20 deaths reported, the FDA combined with the CDC said, no common pattern that would suggest these were caused by the vaccine. (Source)

Judicial Watch
, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, last year released FDA side effect reports showing an increase in adverse events attributed to Gardasil.

It's a tough one to call. Here we have a vaccine that is promoted alongside words no woman wants to hear 'Cervical' and 'Cancer'. Any parent would rejoice if they could prevent this happening to their daughters. In truth, it really is a difficult decision to make, as far as I am aware no long term study was ever carried out by Merck, pretty much the same as GlaxoSmithKline and Seroxat. One only has to look around and see how many people are still suffering at the hands of that particular 'cure'.

Merck pulled their arthritis painkiller, Vioxx, from the market in September 2004. They also agreed a $4.85 billion (£2.42 billion) settlement, one of the biggest in history, with US claimants who blamed the drug for heart attacks and other devastating side-effects.

Vioxx was withdrawn from the market in September 2004, after a study found it doubled the chances of a heart attack or stroke. It emerged that the company's scientists had been concerned for several years about the risks. Vioxx was popular in the US, where it was promoted by American Olympic gold medalists on behalf of the company.

Now, given the choice, would any parent wish to stand in a queue with their daughter and tell them that the vaccine they are about to be given was made by a company who had a known history of manufacturing 'deadly cures'?

You may believe in the hype that is promoted by Merck and the likes of Dr. Lisa Masterson but one fundamental question we as citizens must ask ourselves is 'Do we really trust Merck?'

The choice is yours.


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