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Monday, September 15, 2008


Lola's Land is a fun, interactive site that will advise, inform, entertain and inspire girls aged 9 to 13. is fresh, inspirational, positive and content rich. It's a land that girls will love and parents will happily embrace.

On their 'Love Yourself' page, 9 to 13 year old girls and their parents can learn about HPV (Human papillomavirus)

They are told that HPV is a very common sexually transmitted infection and is the main cause of cervical cancer.

What they are NOT told is:

  • The FDA has, for four years, known that HPV was not the cause of cervical cancer.

  • Why HPV infections are self-limiting and pose no real danger in healthy women.

Here is the FDA document [PDF]

Who are behind this promotion on Lola's Land?

Well according to this article, it's GlaxoSmithKline and the British Government.

Nothing like using children for promotion of a product.

I hope the MHRA read the raw data on this one because if they didn't and kids start dropping down dead or developing cancerous lesions later in life then someone will have to be held accountable!

If Cervarix does not actually prevent cervical cancer then why is it being marketed [advertised] as a long-lasting cancer prevention?

Can GlaxoSmithKline's HPV vaccine, Cervarix, increase the risk of precancerous lesions? If yes, then why are patients or the parents of patients not told this?

Is this Cervarix promotion underhand? Is it legal?

It would be awful in ten or twenty years time to learn that the public had been duped again. It's a very tough decision for any parent to make but they must be given the facts. If Glaxo or Merck are once again hiding data or manipulating numbers then they do so at the expense of our children.

All I am saying is do your research before you consent to your daughter having this vaccine. Don't believe that GlaxoSmithKline and Merck are in this to save children, young women. Ask yourself are GSK and Merck purely in this for the money, their history of paying out claimants in the courts for defective drugs they have manufactured may suggest that making money is their only incentive. [Merck & Vioxx] - [GSK & Paxil]

Here's a good place to start your research regarding Gardasil and HPV

HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed: FDA Documents Reveal HPV "Not Associated with Cervical Cancer"

I'm glad I have no daughters... I'm glad I no longer put my trust in GlaxoSmithKline. Once bitten you see.


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