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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


School bans girls from cancer jab

Governors at Catholic St Monica's High School in Prestwich, Greater Manchester has banned pupils from receiving the new cervical cancer vaccine on its premises. (BBC News)

Governors at St Monica's - which has 1,200 pupils - have sent a letter to parents outlining their concerns about the vaccine.

In it, they question the effectiveness of the injections and point out the possible side effects.

The letter says a number of the school's pupils who took part in a pilot study were subsequently off school suffering from nausea, joint pain, headaches and high fevers.

Only two weeks ago Scottish bishops approved the use of the vaccine in Catholic schools in Scotland.

In June this year, the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline won the contract to distribute their vaccine against HPV, Cervarix, in a national vaccination programme.

Just last week, I wrote on here how Lola's Land were promoting the vaccine... or rather the use of it, to their readers. Lola's Land is a fun, interactive site that will advise, inform, entertain and inspire girls aged 9 to 13.

I've wrote to Lola's Land and asked them the same 6 questions that I have put to the MHRA. Lola's Land have kindly answered the questions, I'm waiting on the MHRA to answer to see if the answers contradict. I have also wrote to Jo's Trust, a registered charity dedicated to women, their families and friends affected by pre-cancer and cancer of the cervix. They strangely wrote back and asked me who I was? I've since informed them but they have still yet to answer the questions. According to The Catholic Exchange Jo's Trust are being paid by GlaxoSmithKline.

They write: In 2006, the company donated £5,000 for IT improvements and £1,600 “in recognition of presentations given” by Jo’s Trust at GSK meetings. Also in 2006, GSK donated another £1,300 for Jo’s Trust to attend a cervical cancer medical conference in Paris and £2,500 “medical fellowship award” to lobbying at a Parliamentary Breakfast at the House of Commons.

You can read more about HPV and vaccines here


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