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Monday, September 22, 2008

Tough times ahead

I think you'd have to be from the planet Zog if you had no foresight into the 12 months that lay ahead. It seems doom and gloom will envelop a lot of us with ever increasing food and fuel bills. Unemployment figures seem to tell a different story but such is the way of the UK, jobs now are being filled by migrant workers who work for less.

The next 12 months scare me because I know many thousands of people will struggle and fall into 'depression' because they can't make ends meet. A trip to the doctors will more than likely result in the obligatory prescription for some SSRi... and the rollercoaster ride will start.

The next 12 months or so will no doubt be profitable for Pharma as people turn to their 'wonder tablets' to lift themselves out of the doldrums.

I'm no Nostradamus but I can see people turning to their doctors as the financial slump kicks in. The doctor, uneducated in SSRi's, will no doubt hand out prescriptions rather than opt to send the patient to a help group. Fortunately, Seroxat prescriptions are dwindling, thanks, in the main, to media coverage and court cases both sides of the pond. So the doc will move onto to another SSRi then sometime down the line the patient will complain of withdrawal... and the whole cycle of convincing the 'people in power' will begin again.

I can forsee a heavy marketing push by Pharma over the next 12 months. Fortunately, in the UK no advertising of prescribed drugs is allowed but Pharma have ways around that particular law. Mental Health charities will no doubt be offered help [funding] in return to highlight how depression is affecting the millions of Brits who will be going through financial hardship over the impending 12 months or so.

There's only one winner and that's Pharma. They will see the gap and seize it. Doctor's up and down the UK will be the first port of call for the Pharma reps as the families queue for the remedy that will make the bills seem less important. Nothing wrong with walking around like a zombie if it takes away the debt... not literally, but anyone who has taken an SSRi type drug will tell you that once on them there is a feeling of euphoria and that nothing else really matters. So what if the baliff turns up at the door? Just rip up those red letters, it don't matter, the packet of pills will get you through this.

You think the Seroxat scandal was bad? You ain't seen nothing yet!




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