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Friday, May 07, 2010


Although this blog is, in the main, a tool to rant at the way drugs are manufactured and licensed, one cannot help avoid the confusion surrounding the latest shambles from the over-populated isle of Great Britain.

Here we have a system where 'the people' are told, weeks in advance, how good [great, honest] each of the candidates running for leadership are.

Early polls suggested Lib Dem candidate, Nick Clegg, had won the hearts of the British people - He finished in third position with fewer seats than he had before the election!

The leader of the Labour Party, Gordon Brown, came second, his downfall being the current state of the UK one would assume.

The victor? David Cameron [Conservative]

Sounds straight forward enough.

Not so.

Cameron was the clear winner in the three horse race but...and there is always a 'but' in politics, he didn't actually win enough seats to form his own government.

Ironically, the Lib Dems may have just stopped Cameron getting the 326 seats he needed.

So what happens?

As far as I can ascertain, and I'm no expert, Cameron has to go, with begging bowl in hand, to Clegg and ask him to 'join forces' - then, and only then, can the UK have a government.

Add blue [Tory] with yellow [Lib Dem] and you get Green - Congratulations to the Green Party then!

To add confusion, many voters were turned away from polling stations because there wasn't enough staff to cope with the unexpected turnout. So, they wasn't allowed to vote.

Me - well, I never bothered. At the last local elections I strolled in to the polling station and told the clerks at the desk that I didn't receive a polling card through the post.

I was asked what my address was.

I stood standing whilst the clerk ran her finger down the list of my street.

She came to my number - apparently my dwelling was vacant - nobody was living here.

"Great," I said. "So, there is no need for me to pay rent and council tax then?"

Oh, we did have a titter at the expense of the local council.

With such a system in place, I could have lied and claimed I lived at another address - I wasn't asked to produce any form of ID.

I don't really like being told what to do by people with plums in their mouth who look down on the general public - Gordon Brown's example of what these people think about 'The People' was clearly evident last week when he was caught [on microphone] calling a woman [of The People] a bigot. This, because she dared ask him about immigration policies.

My local MP, Gisela Stuart [Labour] managed to keep her seat [after a recount] -In her defence, she has helped me with local issues though never with my gripe against the MHRA and/or GlaxoSmithKline. I think referring to Seroxat as 'Serotax' in an email to me, pretty much summed up how interested she was.

So, there is a vacancy at my place apparently. There is also one at 10 Downing Street [apparently]

Gordon Brown, he who finished 2nd, will be sleeping at number 10 tonight.

Knock knock ...

Who's there ? ...

David ...

David Who ? ...

Gordon open the fucking door and get out of my house!

It's like a scene from Monty Python.



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