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Friday, June 10, 2011

Patrick McGorry & The Man Boob Drugs

Kat McCormick of the Utopia Research Institute has a great article up regarding Patrick McGorry's early intervention program and one of the choices of drugs McGorry may or may not use on children.

Risperdal seems to be a popular choice these days for children with apparent mental disorders, if McGorry &  Co have their way, your child could be prescribed it...without actually having any disorder. That's the early intervention program for you folks. It can spot if your child may get a disorder in future years, a simple test drive in McGorry's DeLorean will let him and his team know if your child will fall foul in future years.

Risperdal has many side-effects, McCormick writes, in the main, about one of those - Man Boobs.

Kat McCormick's article can be read in full HERE.


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