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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Australian Doctor Magazine Sees Patrick McGorry Defend His position

"It’s about early intervention to prevent the progression of the illness. The same principle you have in the treatment of cancer. It’s not rocket science." - Patrick McGorry

Australian Doctor, a popular magazine for doctors throughout Australia, is running with the article that appeared in Psychology Today [PT].

The PT article, written by Professor Allen Frances, who chaired the committee behind DSM IV, claimed there is insufficient evidence that the McGorry's EPPIC model works and warns that patients are at risk of being wrongly diagnosed as psychotic.

McGorry has, it appears, responded to his critics once again, this time he doesn't use the old Scientology mud slinging tool.

The Australian Doctor quotes McGorry:

“To say there is no evidence [for the EPPIC model] is simply not true. These models have been running for more than 20 years. There are centres in England, in the Netherlands, in Canada, in many Western countries. They have been properly evaluated and they have been shown to work. In many ways it’s Australia that has fallen behind rather than taking reckless bets.”

He added: “[Professor Frances] seems to think we are treating patients before a diagnosis. That is not what the EPPIC centres do. It’s about early intervention to prevent the progression of the illness. The same principle you have in the treatment of cancer. It’s not rocket science. Early intervention [in mental health] has been the one area where there has been a serious lack of investment.”


"It’s about early intervention to prevent the progression of the illness. The same principle you have in the treatment of cancer. It’s not rocket science."

So in essence McGorry is under the impression that people are treated for cancer...before they are actually diagnosed with cancer. Whatever next?

Treat children for smoking addiction...before they actually start smoking?

Treat newborns with obesity...before they take their first drop of breast milk from their mothers?

Treat children with cannabis/cocaine/heroin addiction...before they actually take any of the substances?

Judging by McGorry's logic we, as individuals, should all be treated for something we haven't got yet.

McGorry claims that EPPIC centres won't be treating patients before a diagnosis, he claims it's about early intervention and they [EPPIC] wish to prevent whatever it is.

So, how are they going to prevent it? In fact, how would McGorry prevent cancer from forming - would he intend to use talk therapy to someone he thinks will get cancer?

McGorry [drugs aside] claims that their are many methods for detecting and preventing mental disorders. If drugs are not going to be used then McGorry will, he claims, use other methods.

Forgive me but McGorry is beginning to sound like one of those Evangelical preachers we see on TV claiming to heal the sick and injured. They work, they claim, through the power of Jesus Christ. The difference between McGorry and a TV Evangelical is that we see people with physical diseases 'miraculously cured' by the preacher. With McGorry we see children without disease whilst McGorry & Co prevent a disease they think they may get.

I don't know who is more delusional here.

There are claims throughout history that Jesus Christ healed the sick. It would appear that McGorry wants to go one better than JC.

Maybe his 2010 Australian of the year award wasn't enough for him.

The local bishop of McGorry's neighbourhood should be notified so he can petition Rome to begin the process of beatification. There's plenty of time...both in the future and the past.

McGorry claims that early intervention to prevent the progression of the illness isn't rocket science. I concur but would like to ask, what science is it?

The Australian Doctor article can be read HERE.


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