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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

If You Build It...They Will Come - CCHR March, Brighton, Tues 27th June

Yesterday I joined the kick-ass machine in Brighton for a march from Victoria Gardens down the the Hilton Hotel where a psychiatry symposium was underway. The day started off hot and sticky as many protesters gathered for the one and a half mile walk down the esplanade to amass outside the lavish Hilton.

A lone drummer followed by a group of children led the chanting as the Brighton traffic come to a standstill and passers-by looked on smiling and taking photo's of the 200 or so banner-waving protesters.

CCHR's Lady Margaret McNair and Brian Daniels stood outside the Hilton lobby to prise a response from the psychiatrists, many of whom were taking their own personal photographs of the protest across the street.

The hot, sticky summer soon vanished as thunder rolled in, huge bolts of lightening flashed over the sea but it did not deter the 200 - strong crowd.

What could beat this experience?

CCHR, not content with just a 'protest' erected a huge tent under the Hilton, inside the tent was their travelling Industry of Death museum, it's going to be there for a week or so. [If you build it...they will come]

Human Rights winner, Sharon Parnell, who is a campaigner against psychiatric drugs and founder of Revelations UK, gave a moving speech outside the Industry of Death tent, mine came shortly after but it was interrupted by a huge clap of thunder and a downpour of epic proportions.

The whole day was a great show of solidarity and one that was another huge step toward creating awareness regarding the dangers of psychiatric drugs.

Myself and Sharon had the honour of officially opening the Industry of Death, first time in my life I've cut a ribbon!

It was a day to remember and one that should never be forgotten.

What we have here is a group of people who are trying to bring about change, they've been successful since forming in 1969 and have achieved much in the way of helping victims. Their history speaks for itself and despite the mud-slingers who fail miserably to discredit them, they continue to rock AND roll, kicking ass along the way. If CCHR were a woman, I'd marry her!

Big thanks to Phil for the journey down and Vicky and Lindsey for the journey and company, back to Birmingham.

Huge thanks to CCHR for...well, for being who you are.


CCHR Industry of Death Interactive Tour

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