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Monday, June 13, 2011

Father of 10 Year Old Suicide Victim Blames Medication.

10 year old Harry Hucknall

Back in March I wrote about the tragic suicide of 10 year old Harry Hucknall.

10 year old Harry had been prescribed Ritalin and Prozac by child psychiatrist Sumitra Srivastava. This because Harry was having difficulty concentrating at school, was being bullied by classmates.

Harry was found hanging from a belt at his home in Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria, back in September 2010.

The inquest, held in April of this year, was told that Harry had more drugs in his body than the normal level for adults suffering from the same problems.

Harry's father is now asking awkward questions...and he has every right to.

In an article from Today's Mail Online Mr Hucknall questions the reasoning behind the child psychiatrist prescribing his son these drugs.

‘When I was growing up there were lots of kids like Harry — a bit over-active, a bit naughty, who didn’t always do as they were told. Now they are branded with a complaint called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,
‘What is it? What has changed? Is there some weird disease in the air? Harry was just a normal little boy. But because we live in 2011 he, and many other kids, are on tablets.
‘It seems nearly every child has suddenly developed this ADHD. What a load of nonsense. It’s an easy get-out for parents and schools who can’t control children.’

Hucknall is pretty much bang on the money here.

Sue Reid, who wrote the Mail Online article, writes:

These medicines are being given to very young children — one aged just 15 months, according to our investigations — despite official guidelines from the manufacturer and the fact that the UK’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) prohibits their use for those under six.

Last week, educational psychologist David Traxson told me he suspects that in the West Midlands at least 100 three, four and five-year-olds are on Ritalin or similar drugs. If this is replicated around the country — as is likely — the number will run into thousands.

‘These young children are taking powerful, potentially addictive drugs and no one knows what will happen to their brains in the future,’ he warned.

Further evidence of this theory based "science" came when Harry's father challenged the child psychiatrist during the inquest. He asked Sumitra Srivastava why he had put his son on Ritalin and Prozac. Srivastava told him it was because he had a chemical imbalance in his brain. Hucknall then asked him, “How do you know? Did you take chemicals from his brain?” Srivastava responded by telling him it was a theory.

The article highlights how children's parents are being granted state benefits if their children are on these types of drugs, Sue Reid writes:

For instance, one family in the West Midlands has two children receiving medication for ADHD. They get £600 a month in disability allowances for each of the two children who have been diagnosed with the ailment.

A third child is being examined by psychologists to see if he is also a sufferer. If he is diagnosed, the family’s annual haul from the state will be £21,600 tax free.

The current government are revamping the benefits system, they want to get people back into the workplace, that seems to be their main initiative. I have not once heard any utterance from Cameron and/or Clegg about parents receiving benefits because their children are on antidepressant type medication. It's a win-win situation for the pharmaceutical industry.

Harry's father has a long road ahead of him if he wishes to get answers. He could start with the UK regulator, the MHRA, but I'd advise against that. The MHRA have sat on this problem for years, they shrug their shoulders and send out warning letters to doctors that these drugs can be potentially dangerous if given to children. They don't go that extra mile and ban them because they are powerless to do so - it wouldn't benefit them either, they are entirely funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

Harry Hucknall is not the first child to commit suicide as a result of ingesting these powerful drugs, he won't be the last. It's a crying shame that the regulator know this, as do the manufacturers of these drugs.

Mr Hucknall, your journey is about to begin, once you start digging you will be appalled by those that profess to protect are in fact part of the problem.

There's a ground-breaking documentary that questions the use of these drugs in children. "Dead Wrong: How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child". It's heartbreaking and will intensify the anger of parents whose children have died as a result of a combination of drugs for invented illnesses that have been given the all clear by the combination of psychiatrists, pharmaceutical companies and medicine regulators [The Psychopharmaceutical Monopoly]

The documentary is narrated by Celeste Steubing, her son, Matthew, jumped off a bridge and killed himself whilst on psychiatric medication. I've met Celeste, I've hugged her and held her hand while she sobbed. I've looked into her vacant eyes where the burning question burns deeply. Why?

It's evil and greed combined with cowardice, it's the Psychopharma Monopoly.

Sue Reid's full article is a must read for every parent in Britain.

CCHR's doucumentary, "Dead Wrong: How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child", is a must watch for every parent globally.

You're being duped folks and children are dying because of it.


Dead Wrong: How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child [ONLINE VIDEO]



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