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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Australian Psychiatrist Graham Burrows Denies Any "Wrongdoing"

Just before 7 News third installment highlighting Australian psychiatrist Graham Burrows abhorrent behaviour went to air tonight his lawyers issued a letter to the programme makers.

Burrows denied any wrongdoing and said that he is 'already subject to rigorous scrutiny by the medical practitioners board and peer review.' He also denied 'any suggestion that his patient care has been inappropriate.'

Tonight's airing sees "Barbara", a former patient of Burrows, say that she is "scared of him" and another former patient, "Lyn" claim that she has just over 20% of her kidney function left due to the drugs prescribed to her by Burrows. "Lyn" took her case to the medical board but it had to drop the case after Burrows notes were apparently destroyed.

News 7 coverage on this, although small, has been significant and more people have come forward to the program-makers.

Here's the third installment, the other two can be seen by visiting the links toward the end of this article.




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