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Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Drugging of Children - Australian Style.


Figures pulled by CCHR Australia, under requests made under the freedom of information act, show that over 2000 Australian children under the age of 17 were prescribed antidepressants last year, a rise of 54% on the previous year.

Some of the drugs included Effexor and Avanza [also known as Remeron] both of which have not been recommended to children.

The above was published in 'The Weekend West' a newspaper from Australia.

Other related news form Australia this weekend:

Queensland Health Minister ordered an investigation into dexamphetamine use in the state after a man, Anthony Thompson, with six times the prescribed dose of the drug in his system drove into another car, killing a 5 year old girl, Jessica, and her grandmother, Denise, in 2009. An inquest was held into the deaths, but this week Jessica’s father, Michael Hornby, wrote to the Health Minister saying his family would be alive today were it not for the drug and called for a full review of the drug’s use. He wants legislation that stops psychiatrists prescribing it as they wish and to restrict its prescription. Full story HERE.

During the earlier inquest when the dose the man was on was questioned, psychs said it was the normal therapeutic dose! In May the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency said is now investigating the prescribing practices of one treating psychiatrist Phil Bird, who had prescribed 60mg a day. More HERE

...and, in a follow up story today, the Health Ministry was forced to admit it actually doesn’t know how to track the drug’s prescription for “ADHD.” LINK

And yet the Australian government are pouring billions of Aussie dollars into Patrick McGorry's early intervention program, a program aimed at predicting if a child will fall foul of a 'mental disorder' in later years.

The mind boggles... as it will for the thousands of kids once they are diagnosed with a fictional disease...that they haven't even got yet...and probably will never get.

Way to go Aussie. They may as well go the whole hog and screen kids to see if they will become smokers in future years - Bang em on Zyban or Chantix why don't you. Or maybe predict if a male child will become a sexual predator when his is older, hey, castrate him now.

It appears the future for Australians is going to be one of lethargy where natives are subdued because they have grown up in a world where it is wrong to feel human emotion, a place where it is improper to act like a child because the DeLorean driving time travellers want, it appears, children to be seen and not heard.

It's good to hear that there are a growing number of concerned Australians now speaking out against this wanton rape of humanity, this multi billion dollar cash machine spewing out vulgarity to promote a wide range of mental disorders that children may or may not get in future years.

I've come to the conclusion that the line, "The benefits outweigh the risks", thrown out by many psychiatrists, pharmaceutical companies and medicines regulators around the world, actually means the benefits of profit outweigh the risks of a massive public outcry.

Two definitions of the word 'Intervention' should leave you feeling icy cold:

a. To involve oneself in a situation so as to alter or hinder an action or development.
b. To interfere, usually through force or threat of force, in the affairs of another.

Pass the restraints, the Delorean is just around the corner.

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