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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

News 7: More Complaints Against Prof Graham Burrows

Australian psychiatrist Graham Burrows remains tight-lipped on recent allegations that he over medicated patients and prescribed them psychiatric drugs after just spending 30 seconds with them.

Australia News 7 yesterday broke the news and today, journalist Louise Milligan confirmed that "...the medical board is now monitoring the allegations to determine what action is necessary to protect the public."

The updated video below also features 'Diane' whose husband was prescribed Tolvin by Prof Graham Burrows, a week later he shot himself. In a startling interview 'Diane' alleges that upon hearing the news Burrows told her it was his fault as he should have hospitalized her husband.

The interview also features Bernard Daniels whose son, Garth, was prescribed Zyprexa by Burrows. Mr Daniels protested and Burrows tried to get legal guardianship of Garth to keep him on the drug.

I'm sure there will be more news about Burrows surfacing over the coming weeks.

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