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Friday, October 01, 2010

ADHD Study - Pharma moving the goalposts.

Living in the past...or not, as it seems.

We've all seen the recent press reports regarding the "illness", ADHD.

In a nutshell, a new study claims that some children have a generic disorder and will more than likely get ADHD.

How utterly incredulous!

What is ADHD?

You can Google ADHD and read what the 'experts' have to say or you can apply logic and go back in time to when you was a child.

Experts claim ADHD [Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder] is an illness where a person shows signs of a behaviour disorder. The joker at the back of the classroom flicking ink, throwing paper aeroplanes, mocking the teacher or farting and belching to get a laugh from his/her friends.

Over active naughty child, let's drug him.

Little Johnny is juxtaposed by little Eric, who has trouble keeping his eyes open in the morning. Poor Eric keeps nodding off in the classroom - he's also a target of pharma - I'm sure they have an energy boosting pill for him.

Basically, the classroom has potential clients for the pharmaceutical industry. If they are naughty, drug them. If they are sleepy, drug them. If they cannot keep up to speed with the work handed out to them, label them with an illness and drug them.

Years ago, I lived and breathed football. I'd play football in the school playground, play it after school over a big area that had green carpet... back then we called them parks.

Take a stroll through a park today and you rarely see jumpers for goalposts - kids today prefer to play football with their fingers by way of a hand-held computer game.

Hide and seek was also a popular game when I was growing up - not anymore, it seems. Kids today much prefer to hide behind a wall or in a moat, armed with their Oozy 9mm or enough grenades to knock out a small country - their ultimate weapon being the keypad they hold in their small hands.

Then we have the huge drug culture. Small children who can barely wrap their hand around the giant sized spliff puffing away, ultimately leading to a sniff of the white powder because they don't get a kick from the skunk anymore.

For those of you who think your child is safe from the perils of modern day society, think again.

Taking drugs to wash away the feelings of depression are commonplace, kids will always mimic the actions of their parents - ALWAYS. They smoke because we do, they swear because we do, they drink alcohol because we do. Girls wear make-up because they have been raised and saw mummy wearing make-up.

What kids see now is mum and dad popping a pill because it is far easier than going for a run or actually sitting down and talking things through with one-another.

Forgive me for going back to the 1970's when being active actually meant being active, where our young angst could be treated with cycling on our Chopper bikes or bouncing on a Space Hopper or even Skateboarding.

Given the choice, do you think little Johnny or Eric would take a pill or a brand new bike?

ADHD is a creation by the pharmaceutical industry to make money, it's a 21st century skateboard which means your child will never have to leave that PlayStation keypad locked in a cupboard. Take a pill and continue in a world of fantasy where blood splattering on TV screens is the norm or taking a penalty kick with your thumb is deemed as activity.

The New ADHD Study

So, this latest study claims that ADHD is caused by a gene but not to worry - there IS a solution. It's none of the above folks. Forget jumpers for goalposts, Chopper bikes, Space Hoppers and skateboards - take the pill.

Browsing across social networks [guilty as charged] I came across a comment from the Commission on Human Rights [CCHR], those pesky folk who have been tagged with Scientology because they dare to speak out against such things as over-medication of children. To be brutally honest, I'd be more concerned if they were connected with the Catholic church, who, as it happens, rarely speak out for the safety of children.

The comment caught my attention because once again it sees a massive conflict of interest in this recent ADHD/linked gene study.

The Lancet Journal, where this study appeared, shows that one of the sources of funding for this study was the Wellcome Trust.


This from Wikipedia:

The Trust was established to administer the fortune of the American-born pharmaceutical magnate Sir Henry Wellcome. Its income was derived from what was originally called Burroughs Wellcome, later renamed in the UK as the Wellcome Foundation Ltd. In 1986, the trust sold 25% of Wellcome plc stock to the public, beginning a process of separating itself from the pharmaceutical industry. In 1995, the trust divested itself of any interest in pharmaceuticals by selling all remaining stock to Glaxo plc, the company's historic British rival, creating GlaxoWellcome plc. The windfall generated by this merger has shaped the Trust's subsequent philanthropic activities. In 2000, the Wellcome name disappeared from the drug business altogether when GlaxoWellcome merged with SmithKline Beecham, to form GlaxoSmithKline plc.

Time for a walk with my dog over the field where I shall reminisce my childhood and be saddened at the prospect of being greeted by an area of green where few children play.

**For the record, I am a published author from the planet Zog.



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