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Friday, October 22, 2010

Glass half empty or half full?


It's been a crazy month. News that I cannot yet go public with, a son in Afghanistan, a dog with a tumour and a father hospitalised. That's the half empty glass.

Half full - I had a film crew interview me yesterday, filmed at my sister's place as she has much more room than I...and she does not own a big-ass dog who wants to lick the face off strangers.

My son has some trying times ahead, his first duty is life-risking, a task that he performs alone, save for a sniper who will be close-by. I have spoken with him, the fear in his voice reaching across thousands of miles. Fuck, I'm so proud of him.

My dog, Benn, a 10 year old cross Boxer/Rhodesian Ridgeback is going through the wars himself at present. His tumour [malignant] has returned and increased in size over the past few weeks. Sadly, the PDSA cannot operate and remove it this time... but there is some hope. They have told me they may be able to 'scoop' some away, buying him more time. First, he has to rid himself of a skin infection. Anti-biotics and a solution to bathe the infected area for two weeks. Poor guy is sitting next to me now, looking pathetic as he has a lamp-shade type collar around his neck.

My dad, he was hospitalised a few days ago. Angina seems to be the problem. They are keeping him in over the weekend because they cannot seem to understand why he is getting pain and why his spray does not seem to work when an attack comes on.

The news I cannot speak of will probably be public over the coming days or weeks. I'll write about it then.

Gadzooks, wait for one bus and a whole bunch come at once, eh?

On the plus side:

Yesterday I was interviewed and filmed as part of an award I'm picking up next year in LA. I even had to wear make-up!

My book may be a little late in being published, it's been tough to edit whilst all of the 'half empty' incidents have been hanging around. It is looking very professional with the help and guidance of my editor.

Benn needs to walk ever walked a four legged lamp over a field?

Back soon



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