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Monday, October 04, 2010

Seroxat Sufferers Blog Through October.


I was going through the archives of my blog today to see what the month of October had thrown up over the 4 or so years I have been actively writing on here.

Back in 2006 there was just one post from the month of October, it was basically a link I threw up to a story on Bloomberg:

Glaxo May Have Shipped Inactive Paxil Antidepressants

2007 saw 11 posts in the month of October, one of which was my self entitled post, 'Seroxat - The Main Culprits.' - I was pretty feisty back then, I'd like to think I have mellowed over the years I have been writing.

Seroxat - The Main Culprits

I have a complete lack of respect for the MHRA and Glaxosmithkline, both of whom should be charged with various despicable acts against humanity. It is my belief that they have known about the dangers of Seroxat in both adults and children for some considerable time, yet both have robustly denied any link to Seroxat and addiction or more importantly the link that shows Seroxat is a drug that can cause another human being to take their own life... or the life of another.

The internet has given rise to a ever increasing amount of websites, blogs, forums and news articles relating to Seroxat induced suicides and murders. One such so was the highly informative website, Paxil Protest. A site that was a wealth of information and clearly showed how Glaxosmithkline knowingly suppressed information so they could market this multi billion dollar poison to the unsuspecting public. Unfortunately, the Paxil Protest site was taken down sometime ago. It is alleged that Glaxosmithkline paid a small fortune to the web author to remove the content... one has to ask the question why they would fear such a site.

Luckily, for those who are still fighting Glaxosmithkline through the courts, an archive of the Paxil Protest site still remains and many articles of interest can still be viewed. One only has to trawl through the archives to see why Glaxosmithkline wanted the site permanently removed from prying eyes... it was of course to protect the drug Seroxat (known as Paxil in the USA) and to also protect those who gave it a clean bill of health, agencies such as the MHRA (UK) and the FDA (USA). The archives to the site can be found HERE. This is the site that Glaxosmithkline, the FDA and the MHRA do NOT want you to see. Indeed, there are many Members of Parliament who would not want you or I to see this site either.

...The rest of this article appears on OpEd News

October 2007 also saw me receive an answer from the MHRA:

I wrote:

A while back I wrote to the MHRA asking whether or not the following list of people were or have been involved in the current investigation into GSK. I asked because ALL those on the list have or have had 'ties' with GSK in the past.

Here is the list.

Professor A Blenkinsopp, Professor H Dargie, Dr M Donaghy, Dr J C Forfar, Dr R Leonard, Prof D J Nutt, Professor J F Smyth, Professor Christopher Bucke, Prof Nicholas Mitchison, Dr Brian J Clark, Professor Robert Booy, Professor S M Cobbe, Professor J E Compston, Dr A Glasier, Dr Andrew A Grace, Dr P Hindmarsh, Professor P D Home, Dr R F A Logan, Professor R MacSween, Professor J O’D McGee, Professor David R Matthews, Dr A Smyth, Professor A D Struthers, Professor J C E Underwood, Dr A Gerard Wilson, Dr Rosemary Leonard, Mr David P S Dickinson, Dr Charlotte C D Williamson, Professor Anthony H Barnett, Professor V Krishna K Chatterjee, Professor Albert, Sir Alistair Breckenridge, Dr Ian Hudson.

...and here is the MHRA's response.

Dear Mr. Fiddaman,

REF: FOI 07/260

Thank you for your enquiry of 29th August.

As you are aware, the MHRA is conducting a detailed criminal investigation into the allegation that Glaxo Smith Kline failed to disclose clinical trial data at an earlier stage. The investigation is still in progress.

The individuals named on your list (apart from Professor Breckenridge and Doctor Hudson who are current Board members) are, in the vast majority, past or present members of MHRA Advisory Bodies or external Advisory Panels. No individual on the list has formed part of the investigation.

Kind Regards,
Central Enquiry Point Information Centre Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency Tel: 020 7084 2000

October 2008 saw me write over 35 articles, the pick of the bunch being, 'GSK's Horlicks In Hot Water.' and also 'Sara Carlin's Parents Call For Inquest.'

Regular readers of this blog will know that Sara finally had her voice heard earlier this year. Articles I wrote during that inquest can be downloaded HERE.

October 2009 saw a total of 49 posts on Seroxat Sufferers, one of which featured my thoughts regarding the meeting Janice Simmons and I had with the MHRA Communications Officer, Simon Gregor. HERE.

I also created and uploaded three new videos and gave the post the title; GlaxoSmithKline - Quite a Tainted History [In Video]

There were also a number of posts regarding the Swine Flu hysteria.

Twelve months on and I'm still itching to write, still have the same passion. I shall continue to pursue a path to the truth.

Thanks for reading.



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