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Friday, November 19, 2010

Seroxat Stories - Joanne's Story - - Seroxat side effects mingled with the akathesia

The seventh in this series of readers stories comes from Joanne.

Joanne had been prescribed Seroxat for 'gynaecological problems'. What followed was a far more serious battle, one which saw Joanne struggle through the withdrawal problems that occurs for a growing number of people trying to taper off Glaxo's wonder drug.


Back in 1997 I was suffering gynaecological problems resulting in feeling really drained and nauseous, my GP at that time refused to believe this was the case as I was only 27 years of age and diagnosed me with anxiety. Ok so I didn’t really know where that diagnosis came from but hey he was the doctor I trusted his opinion. He prescribed Seroxat 20mg but after only a few days treatment I suffered my first migraine and just really didn’t feel well taking this drug so I stopped.

1998 I was again prescribed Seroxat after suffering Akathesia from 3 drugs my GP had prescribed for seasonal allergies and to delay my monthly cycle so I could enjoy a family holiday, this bad reaction was diagnosed as an “ anxious state”, I suppose already suffering a bad reaction the Seroxat side effects mingled with the akathesia I was already suffering, so I remained on it for the next 3 years, although by now I really did have drug induced anxiety daily.

2000 by now I had started passing out with the heavy blood loss but my GP refused to listen and continued the Seroxat still stating it was all anxiety but luckily on one occasion at a routine appointment another GP at the practice actually took some blood samples and got straight back to me as I was in fact badly anaemic, which prompted a scan and Gyne appointment where it was said I needed a hysterectomy due to a large uterine fibroid. After collapsing with blood loss yet again in August I underwent my hysterectomy in September of that year. It was discovered that not only did I have the fibroid I also had a large ovarian cyst, enlarged bulky uterus, abnormal cervical cells and other endo abnormalities, if only I had been listened to in 1997 it could of prevented the hell I was about to incur.

2002 I had become obese, apathetic, unmotivated thanks to the side effects so I decided that now I had never needed Seroxat, to come off it, after all the patient information leaflet stated I could stop taking it at any time as it wasn’t addictive...WRONG….within days I couldn’t function, I was experiencing :

Skin burning sensations
Excruciating headaches
Suicide thoughts
Uncontrollable crying

Not to mention my body wouldn’t allow me to eat or sleep for 14 days solid and I was jerking all over, I hate to admit but yes I did try on 3 occasions to end it all, not that I wanted to end my life it was like a thought deep embedded in my mind I just wanted this torture to stop.

In desperation I admitted myself to hospital and Seroxat was reinstated, within weeks the withdrawal subsided .

2004 Still determined to beat this drug I visited my GP who advised to taper cutting out days to reduce, which I did for 9 months before taking my last pill, September 13th 2004, yes I remember that date who wouldn’t after all the hell started all over again, my GP s answer when informed of the hell "what do you want me to do about it?"

For three months I could hardly get out of bed due to muscle weakness, I would lay in bed shaking ,scared and helpless but not knowing what I was afraid of, I thought I would lose my mind. Every morning at 5am the racing anxiety would start, pacing up and down was all I could do to keep my sanity, I wanted sleep but by body was in adrenal overdrive. Imagine living your worst nightmare times it by 10 and it may just give you an incite into the terror that raged through me, only I was in my own room with nothing scary. Needless to say I lost my job, I had to go bankrupt due to no income and worse of all no Gp would listen to me let alone offer any comfort or support, no validation that this was drug induced, zero, zilch nothing, I was on my own and with a disabled son to care for too.

I have no idea how I survived the first 2 years of intense withdrawal, had it not been the support of close friends going through the same ordeal, I probably wouldn’t have.

2010 Six years off this drug now, totally drug free I am still living with the damage Seroxat caused me. I know I have nervous system damage and neuro receptor injuries and still have to live with debilitating symptoms daily. Yes things have improved very slowly but I am still a very long way off feeling as well as I had pre Seroxat, symptoms I still live with are;

Days of depression
Feeling intoxicated
Gastric problems
Allergies and chemical sensitivities
Mood swings
Headaches and Brain fog
Heart beat irregularities
Oesophagus spasms
Chronic fatigue

I am still unable to return to work or even have a social life, I cannot go out far on my own and have to rely on family to take me grocery shopping or to town. I am still unable to give my son the proper care he needs.

This drug has taken 12 years of my life to date and no one is held accountable. I receive no financial help, I feel like an outcast of society.

It makes me sad to know there are thousands of human beings worldwide in this situation thanks to GSK and their defective drug, they lied, maimed and killed for what? PROFIT! At our expense and suffering.



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