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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Will GSK Lawyer, Lauren Stevens, Squeal Like A Little Piggy?

Well, that seems to be the train of thought on Cafe Pharma forum.

Cafe Pharma is a forum for reps, this particular forum is for reps and employees of GlaxoSmithKline.

Very interesting thread HERE

For Lauren Stevens back story - go HERE


Another lying lawyer?
Had fun telling my pharmacists about this one!
Thanks for providing me the ability to educate them on WHY to try and talk patients out of filling scripts of GSK products. Company lies and we cannot trust the information provided. Oh by the way, here is the behavior of the company lawyers....


Everyone, and I mean everyone, in GSK Medical and Marketing divisions is fully aware of the GSK's illegal off-label marketing practices. This was not the work of a rogue lawyer. It was official GSK policy to encourage off-label marketing. Hundreds of reps, dozens of marketing, medical, regulatory, and legal professionals within GSK are fully aware of the off-label violations that are a normal part of GSK's (and probably all of Big Pharma) work practice.

What baffles me, and I know Lauren personally, how she would ever put her name on something saying we don't have any off-label slide packs, when hundreds of copies of those slide packs exist and it would be impossible to prevent those slide packs from turning up.

The lawyers at GSK don't make the policies. They simply are assigned the task of creating some plausible justification for the policies that have been decided at the highest level of this company. Sure go ahead and make fun of the lawyer, but save your venom for the puppet masters, not the puppets.


GSK is making History here, I never heard about a case like this before, but again, why lying like that. And the sad part is she was eliminated of the company after drinking all that Kool aid. L Stevens is just 60 years-old. Now she will be out of jail when she is 85.. Pathetic!!


85? thats only 25 years! She is facing 2 charges that carry a possible 20 year sentence each, and 4 charges carrying 5 years each, thats 60 years possible! I love what her attorney said in the press too, like she actually has a leg to stand on! She will be squealing like a pig! If she was dirty enough to cover up for the slime she represented, do you think she'll keep her trap shut now? I bet your company leadership is coming unglued right now! All those years ago, and it is now time to pay the piper! Please let us in on how the national conference call went!


Bob Ingram, who I think is still being paid, and of course JP Garnier, relaxing in his chalet in the Alps are two that everyone knows. The buck did not stop with this attorney, everything had to go to the execs. and they knew it all. She will sing like Canary.


Also, Janice Whitaker


Tip Of The Iceberg

Since GSK as a corporation hasn't yet been charged directly with off-label marketing, it is obvious that the DOJ is putting the squeeze on the lawyer to cop a deal and squeel.

Lauren is on the hook for COVERING UP the off-label marketing.

The real deal is nailing the execs who endorsed the off-label marketing.

Lauren will squeal like a stuck pig and start naming names.

The top folks (past or present) in Medical and Marketing should be scared, very scared.

And for the rest of us - all of these gross violations of US law by GSK execs (whether willful GMP violations by GMS in Cidra or willful marketing violations by Medical will just make it tougher for GSK to get new products on the market.

Thank you very much GSK mgt.




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