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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

HEY CHINA - 停止 资讯科技

Electrodes on her temples.

Placed in shackles on both hands and feet.

Injections against her will.

Gu Xianghong languishes in an "Ankang," a special Chinese psychiatric hospital run by police, according to Radio Free Asia.

The reason for Xianghong's incarceration in this psychiatric Hades was because she dared to sue her government over "family planning issues." For this, she has been repeatedly jailed and tortured.

What do we care, huh? It's China and they run their country as they see fit, it's nothing to do with us westerners. Xianghong shouldn't have spoke out, she knew the consequences.


China is a place on earth, a place where human beings have freewill removed at birth so overzealous leaders can feel more important about themselves rather than the people they represent.

A small but significant section of the Chinese community have stood up to the bullying of their government, in particular those who express their freedom of speech via blogs, despite the huge restrictions placed on them or in Xianghong's case, speaking her mind openly.

The barbaric torture of this woman is shameful, furthermore, the disgraceful treatment of any Chinese subject expressing an opinion via protests or signing petitions is abhorrent. Protest or present a petition and you will more than likely be thrown into a psychiatric hospital and subjected to electric shocks and sedatives.

Xiao Yong, an activist of the Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch, and another activist, Zheng Chuangtian, secretly filmed a video of Xianghong, where she spoke of being subjected to electric shocks and repeated injections against her will.

"My entire family was ruined by the village authorities- she says - because I have made petitions ... I have been interned here for revenge and forced to undergo injections." "They won’t let me go ... I can not get clear answers from them." "They have applied electrodes to my temples and turned them on" – she says - "They have covered my head and chained my feet."

We sit and bitch about the weather here in the UK, we moan about the state of the NHS or how long we waited for a bus to arrive in the morning.

Reality check.

Xianghong stood up to be counted, she took a stance against this Gestapo policing because she believes that she is right, more importantly, she believes that, as a human being, she should be allowed to speak out and protest if and when she wants.

Meantime, while we all bitch and moan about the lack of choice our various TV networks offer, another probe is attached to Xianghong's temple, her skin charred from the burning. Another needle injected into her vein [against her will] whilst she struggles in chains, unable to ward off her oppressors because her hands are tied with handcuffs.

The Chinese authorities should be ashamed of should we.

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