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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Castration by Seroxat!!! A plea to GlaxoSmithKline

Yesterday I was sent a few texts from family and friends alerting me to the proposals of UK Home Secretary John Reid. Whenever Seroxat or SSRi's are mentioned in the news I seem to be bombarded with texts - that's a good thing cos at least I know the word is getting out.

I was however appalled at John Reid's proposal yesterday. There's an article by Sarah Bosley in the Guardian to bring you all up to speed here

Basically, Reid is plying the use of SSRi type drugs to combat sexual urges from paedophiles, a form of 'chemical castration'.

If you physically castrate a man he will still get the 'urge' so how on earth will Seroxat take away this urge?

What Reid has failed to investigate is the violence Seroxat and other SSRi type drugs can trigger.

What happens when one becomes frustrated Mr Reid?

One becomes angry.

Combine an inbuilt frustration with Seroxat and you have a walking time bomb on your hands.

Any statement from GlaxoSmithKline?

Of course not. It's a free advertisement for them and one that will no doubt adhere them to the public. Anyone that can create a pill to rid us of paedophiles would be heralded as the king of kings.

Personally, I think GlaxoSmithKline and other SSRi manufacturers should step in here and say 'Wait a minute, these drugs could possibly create an even bigger monster than a paedophile' or something along the lines of 'Listen, we have received thousands of reports from patients taking these drugs and it is believed that they can cause a normal person to become violent'

See the case of Donald Schell where GlaxoSmithKline were held liable in a wrongful death case.

Briefly, Donald Schell, 60, took two Paxil tablets before shooting his wife, their daughter, his granddaughter and himself to death on Feb. 13, 1998.

So now, it seems, this landmark case is being totally ignored by the establishment. Even worse this affects your and my children and future siblings.

For once in your life GSK - DO THE RIGHT THING HERE. Hold up your hand and show the data where Seroxat/Paxil has caused aggression and violence. If you can't find any then contact me - I have heaps of reports. Alternatively you could contact Prof. Healy who was an expert witness in the above case and showed the court documents from your very own vaults... documents that you tried to suppress.

You have the chance to intervene here Glaxo - for once in your tarnished, miserable life as a company you MUST do the right thing.

Failure to do so will see our streets awash with child sex offenders whose brains will be full of a desire to kill, harm and mutilate the future of our countries.

There is no love lost between myself and you Glaxo and I know either you or your lawyers are reading this blog. What cost of human life Glaxo?

Speak out against these proposals and show yourself to be the caring company you so proudly boast about on your website.

This post will remain in cyberspace for ever more - you now have the opportunity of redemption - embrace it


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