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Monday, June 04, 2007

Coming Soon - Jim Thomson CEO, The Centre for Mental Health

I wanted to put this particular subject to bed once and for all as I stated in my last post on Jim Thomson HERE

As you will see from that post I gave Jim Thomson the final say, his words were left untouched and I added no further comment.

Well, it seems Jim Thomson was not content with that.

Earlier today I recieved an email off Jim Thomson, an email in which he copied in both Amelia Mustapha and Dr Chris Manning.

Tomorrow I will publish the email in its entirety - you can judge for yourselves if you think Mr Thomson, Cheif Executive Officer, The Centre for Mental Health, is acting in a professional manner.

It seems he has been doing his own research trying to discredit me. I will post his email and publically answer his accusations - I will also let you all into a few hometruths about Mr Thomson.

Who pays your wages Jim?

Keep em peeled


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