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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Jim Thomson CEO, The Centre for Mental Health - The Emails Part 2

This one I recieved at 9.38am

----- Original Message -----
From: jim thomson
To: 'fiddaman'
Cc: 'Amelia' ;
Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2007 9:38 AM
Subject: RE: recent exchange

Morning Bob (damn, that makes me smile every time I write it – just can’t help visualising Rowan Atkinson.)

have indeed read your blog this very morning (and what a fine sunny one it is.) I see you plan to respond in detail to my last email. Splendid – my day just gets better and better. I look forward to it. As an aside, Bob (there’s that smile again) why is it that you didn’t respond straight away to the points I raised – and specifically the invitation to meet face-to-face? Could it be that I sent the email after office hours? As we all know, Lawyers and PR agencies tend to keep strict hours. In any event, when it comes, I’m sure your response will be entertaining. I wonder if it will be like some of your offerings – written in perfect English, or like the others – written in abject colloquial English. A more suspicious or conspiratorial man than I might suspect that more than one hand is at work here. Perish the thought, eh?

While writing, I must commend you on criticising my lack of professionalism in suggesting that there might be more to your little blog than you would like your readers to know. Imagine my shock when I realised that you recognised the concept of professionalism. Who’d have thought it?

Of course, the other belly laugh was when you stated that I had done “some research of my own.” Let me get this straight…. You are allowed to say whatever you please about me to your thousands of readers (though, I have to say, Tuesdays must be quiet – your web counter has gone up by six this morning, and five of them have been me checking back to see if you’ve replied yet. Could it be that your scribblings are not as fervently followed as you think?) but I am not allowed to investigate who is dragging my name through the mud? Is that the deal here? You can say what you like about me and others? You can put my photograph on your blog? Yet you wail and gnash your teeth when, for example, the MHRA makes a tiny clerical error deleting your name and address from a form letter? Dual standards old chum, dual standards. And before you justify your behaviour by saying that all is fair in the crusade for truth and justice, or that you are doing this for patients, let’s get one thing straight. I (and others) know why you are doing this and now, following my email yesterday, you know that I know. Makes it interesting, eh? Oh, and for the record, I didn’t do any research. I was having a chicken mayo bagel when the information dropped into my lap. And no (yawns) it didn’t fly in from big pharma.

So, Bob (smiles), let’s have that meeting. Surely it’s the offer you’ve been waiting for. The opportunity to convince three prominent people working in mental health, of your case. That MUST be worth the trip. Hell, we’ll even come to you if you like. What are you waiting for.

Oh, and just so that you know that I’m not avoiding the question…. Who pays my salary? Right now, Bob (etc) no-one. Kind of knocks a big hole in your argument, n’est pas?



P.S. Come on Bob, it’s gone half-nine. Those nice folks down at the agency must have finished their croissants by now, surely………

Jim Thomson is CEO for The Centre for Mental Health who proudly boast on their website:

People are best served by all concerned with mental health working collaboratively. All those with a voice in mental health have a right to be heard.

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