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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Jim Thomson CEO, The Centre for Mental Health - The Emails Part 3

Sent to me at 9.54am

He never copied in his two friends this time.

----- Original Message -----
From: jim thomson
To: 'fiddaman'
Sent: Tuesday, June 05, 2007 9:54 AM
Subject: I almost forgot

Sorry….. Bob,

I almost forgot. Why is it that you draw attention via your blog (damn, that counter is STILL running slowly today) to the ranting dwarf’s submissions to the Health Select Committee inquiry, yet you conveniently neglect to mention my submissions to same. Come on, fair play and all that guff ….. ….Bob……

You must have read my comments (made under oath, as it happens.) I would have thought you’d be congratulating me on two in particular – the one calling for routine and ongoing post-marketing clinical trials….and the one calling for a revamped system to report adverse effects of medications.

I’ve had a good look through the blog….Bob…. but not a dicky bird. No mention at all of these recommendations and the contribution they would make to increasing patient safety. Why is that, Bob? Strangely enough, the wizened dwarf doesn’t ever mention them either. Funny that.

Thankfully, the Committee was listening, the recommendations I made (and another that would cost big pharma billions of dollars if implemented) made it into the minutes and the final report. That’s democracy in action – just in case you don’t recognise the concept….Bob.

Toodle Pip,


I sent a copy of this email to Gisela Stuart, who, it seemed Jim referred to as the 'ranting dwarf' and the 'wizened dwarf'

Jim Thomson is CEO for The Centre for Mental Health who proudly boast on their website:

Mental health is "everyone's business". The Government's particular role is to enable the opportunities and environment that sustainably and enduringly support this proven fact.

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