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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Jim Thomson CEO, The Centre for Mental Health - The Emails

It seems Jim Thomson has been busy looking in at my blog this morning (you will see evidence in the emails he sent me earlier and last night)

Make of these what you will

This is one he sent last night:

----- Original Message -----
From: jim thomson
To: 'fiddaman'
Cc: 'Amelia' ;
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2007 6:15 PM
Subject: RE: recent exchange

Hi Bob,

Thanks for letting me know. And thanks so much for ignoring the “without commentary from you” request. I figured you wouldn’t be able to resist it….

I trust the DVD business is going well? Or is it poetry? I forget. And perhaps you could ask your oppo how the Dundee fresh meat market is going…..

In any event, I will ignore your extremely clumsy summation of our exchange. It is beneath contempt. But I will offer this. You gave me the opportunity to say what I wished on your blog. In return, I offer you the chance to meet, face to face, with me. I will ask Chris and Amelia to do the same. I’ll even pay the bar bill. Face to face, eyeball to eyeball, no holds barred. I tell you what….I’ll provide the laptop and you get to provide the after-dinner movie. But please do make sure that it has a BBFC certification – I do hate those moody DVDs. Don’t you?

In the meantime, I am particularly gratified that you and your chums seem to think that now it is acceptable to question my anti-counterfeiting creds. Of course, it matters little to you that patients with prostate cancer, serious psychoses and major stroke/cardiovascular problems… are being harmed by taking fake medicines (all three in the last seven days – or don’t you read the news???) It is clearly MUCH more important that the conspiracy theory continues to gather pace. God forbid that the interests of someone with a terminal illness should get in the way of a good story or an even better lawsuit.

Go on, take me up on the offer. It’s good to talk. And, unlike some “expert witnesses”, I don’t charge a Monkey a time for my opinion. You people crack me up… but I am willing to be convinced of your motives….face to face.

I await your availability. Personally, I am ready to clear my diary. Can you say the same?


P.S. Congratulations on making the trip to OZ – quite an achievement for someone with your stated medical issues.

Jim Thomson is CEO for The Centre for Mental Health who proudly boast on their website:

"The Centre is a collaboration of all who share our values, bringing together and galvanising interested individuals, mental health organisations and leaders, patient groups, the media, corporate sector partners, and statutory agencies. It is designed to provide a beehive for policy and service development, giving everyone in mental health a voice. "

More of Jim's emails coming soon.


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