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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dear GSK...... From Manies Mom, Julie

The following comment was left by Julie, the mother of Manie who is featured in my rant 'Question for GSK and it's Lawyers'

This is for GSK and the people it employs. It is also a poignant message for those who refuse to acknowledge that Seroxat/Paxil is a drug that is toxic. It is also for Martin Keller, Alistair Benbow. And also for three particular members of the MHRA, namely, Ian Hudson, Alisdair Breckenridge & Kent Woods.

Julie was prescribed Paxil/Seroxat during her pregnancy

Let me paint a picture for you so to speak.

I sit with Manie in my lap. Doctors and nurses everywhere. I am told "Now hold the mask over his mouth and his nose".

I struggle with Manie to keep the mask on his face as I tell him over and over "you are so brave I love you I love you".

Soon the gas starts to take over.

Manie stops fighting because his body starts going into convulsions.

I hold him as tight as I can and try to hold back the tears.

I can feel his little body twitching in my arms.

Even though I know this is the way it is suppose to happen I am scared.

I can feel his tiny heart beating faster and faster.

Then his eyes roll in the back of his head and his body goes limp.

Manie is asleep.

The nurses take him from me and place his small body on the table.

I say I love you one last time and force myself to leave the room.

My arms now feel empty as I wait for what seems to be a lifetime.

This is just a small bit of a 14 hr. day at the hospital during one of Manie's cardiac caths.

How about someone from GSK stand there while my son loses control of his body and explain how they could let this happen.

Manie's Mom


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