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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Seroxat/Paxil and Birth Defects

Source: Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

Cynics would suggest that a lawyer is in it just for the money - however, it is usually those same cynics that have something to hide and to a certain extent should be helping those suffering at the hands of a drug they (the cynics) refuse to acknowledge causes problems

Shae Conlin took Paxil for two months before she knew she was pregnant. Her daughter only lived for one hour before passing away.

She had been taking Paxil for anxiety as well as the birth control pill at the time, so her pregnancy seemed to surprise her. She stopped taking the drug as soon as she found out. She was supposed to have twins and was told that only one baby had a heartbeat. After that, she was told that the baby was perfectly fine and everything was okay.

An in depth ultrasound proved otherwise. Tests showed that the baby would probably die at birth. The baby was born totally deformed with no muscles or bones. She was born paralyzed and couldn't swallow anything. Imagine your baby being born like this...very scary to think about. Doctors weren't 100% sure why this happened, but they told Mrs. Conlin that it could possibly happen again. She was so scared to have a third child. She ended up having a tubal ligation after her third child was born. She will never have kids again.

It turns out that Mrs. Conlin wasn't mad at her doctor because he didn't know that Paxil could have such side effects, but she was very upset with the drugmaker, rightfully so.

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