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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Jim Thomson CEO, The Centre for Mental Health - The final

To be honest I've become quite bored of Mr Thomson and his rants and think I have gave him enough space on here to vent his misdirected anger. The readers of this blog have all seen the mails - I was going to respond to them publically but then thought... what is the point?

It seems Jim Thomson and whoever he is part of, be it Depression Alliance, Innervate or the Centre for Mental Health, likes to have the last say.

I'm done with him now - Seroxat Secrets, who Jim seems to get worked up about, continues to press him for answers so what does Jim do? He emails me!

I have nothing to do with the Seroxat Secrets web page other than both I and its author share the same passion - one which is to expose GlaxoSmithKline.

If any of you want to learn more about Jim Thomson then you can read his biography here

His myspace page can be found here

I suspect many of the readers (whom I only have a small audience if Jim is to be believed) have also become bored by it all. My aim was to allow Thomson to have his say, something his websites do not allow.

Read through the correspondence and see who is the one who appears to be 'losing the plot'

Jim is a fan of music.... there is a wonderful chorus in a Deacon Blue song which I keep hearing over and over again in my head as I read through the correspondence between Jim and I.

And I'll sail her up the west coast
Through villages and towns
I'll be on my holidays
They'll be doing their rounds
They'll ask me how I got her I'll say I saved my money
They'll say isn't she pretty that ship called dignity

I think Jim should look up the word 'Dignity'

I've now added his email address to my spam filter.

There will no doubt be more unearthing over at Seroxat Secrets.

THERE WILL NOT be anymore time or space given to Thomson on this blog

And a message for you Jim. I decline you offer of a meeting where you would like to meet me face to face, eyeball to eyeball - to be honest I found that quite threatening and if it gives your ego a massive boost I feel very intimidated by you. Apart from that I could never accept a 'freebie' off you Jim - that would change me into something that I despise.

Now if you wouldn't mind Sir... this site has bigger fish to fry


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