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Monday, June 11, 2007

GSK's Alli and The Obesity Society

So, with the imminent launch of the new 'Diet pill', Alli who do you think GlaxoSmithKline should make a donation to? The very same people they have been funding for some years - The Obesity Society

Now surely this isn't a case of Astroturfing is it?

Am I a conspiracy theorist or do I have a genuine concern for alarm here?

.The pill is for people with weight problems
.The Obesity Society need funding
.GlaxoSmithKline fund them.
.GlaxoSmithKline about to launch a diet pill


There's a distinct smell of fish wafting from somewhere

Anyone seen the video promoting Alli yet?


Toward the end of the video (3.40) the narrator states:

"Visitors to the Alli experience recieve a free copy (while supplies last) of the book ' ARE YOU LOSING IT?' (losing weight without losing your mind)"

They should have used that slogan with ammendments for Seroxat, ARE YOU LOSING IT? (gaining weight and losing your mind)

Anyway, I digress....

Around the 3min 40secs mark of the promo video they tell us that visitor's to the Alli experience will recieve a free copy of the book... as the video runs the graphic shows us that proceeeds from the sale of the book will go to Shaping America's Health and.... yes you've guessed it - The Obesity Society

Nothing underhand going on here then eh?


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