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Sunday, June 03, 2007

GlaxoSmithKline - Utter contempt for children

We had the sham of the Paxil/Seroxat study 329 where GlaxoSmithKline’s medication for adolescent depression failed to demonstrate any benefit for paroxetine over placebo in adolescents and demonstrated a worrying profile of adverse events for paroxetine. For years they suppressed this evidence purely for financial gain. GlaxoSmithKline also wanted to keep it to themselves that Paxil/Seroxat caused withdrawal symptoms so severe that if it ever leaked out their 'wonder drug' would be hit hard thus putting a halt to them literally printing money... until one of their internal documents was leaked onto the internet. GlaxoSmithKline prefer the term 'Discontinuation' over 'Withdrawal' - you can see why this was an issue for the Glaxo team HERE (PDF File)

Not content with hiding evidence that Paxil was useless in adolescents, they also played down the risks for pregnant mothers. One mother's plight can be highlighted HERE. You will see what Paxil/Seroxat did to her son who, to this very day, still struggles daily because of GlaxoSmithKline's reluctance to warn pregnant mothers. Shameful.

Just what is it with GlaxoSmithKline and kids?

In 2004 the food and drug administration, the American regulatory body, sent a warning letter to them regarding their labelling of hepatitis and flu vaccines in the US.

The food and drug administration said GlaxoSmithKline had given "false and misleading" information about who should take flu vaccines during the peak winter season, and also did not detail the risks of taking the vaccines Engerix-B, against hepatitis B, Havrix (hepatitis A) and Twinrix (both viruses).

Again, children seemed to be the target of GlaxoSmithKline:

According to the FDA, a summary of information on hepatitis vaccines distributed by Glaxo said it was safe to give flu vaccines to children between six months and five years old and to pregnant women, which is not true.

More recently we had the Ribena scandal where GlaxoSmithKline pleaded guilty in an Auckland court in March to 15 charges of breaching fair trading laws, after two schoolgirls tested its claim that the blackcurrants in Ribena had four times the vitamin C of oranges, but found almost no traces of the vitamin in Ribena. GSK was fined $227,500.

"We know we've got a lot of work to do if we hope to rebuild consumer trust in this brand. From the moment we've known there was a problem, we've been working hard to fix it," said Sayers. (Australian managing director)

What bollocks! Two 14 year old girls caught them out by doing a school project and found that GlaxoSmithKline's Ribena contained almost no trace of vitamin C. SEE HERE

So what is it with GlaxoSmithKline's seemingly utter contempt for our children?

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